Password for the Wifi?

  • Ljushult1_27

How does the TV work?

The TV does not have any TV channels instead we have a Chromecast where you can stream from your smart phone, tablet or computer 

Can you buy firewood from us?

  • No, but one basket of fire wood is included in the rent

Where can we buy firewood?

The nearest place you can buy is ICA supermarket in Lidhult, about 15 min drive from the house. You can usually buy fire wood in any supermarkets in cities (like Halmstad)

How does the AC/heater work?

Link to User manual for the heater:

How does the sauna work?

  • Start the sauna by switching up the three fuses (see picture) which are located to the right when entering the sauna house
  • It takes approximately 15-20 min before the sauna is hot
  • You control the heat by adjusting the wheel at the bottom of the sauna heater