What you need to do before you depart:

  • Leave the house and the surroundings as you got it. This includes: 
    • Cleaning, including inside the fireplace 
    • Return things to where they were
    • Leave a filled basket of firewood beside the fireplace
    • Make the beds
    • If the outside fireplace has been used, turn it upside down
    • During the period between October to April, set the heater to 10 degree Celsius with the white remote control
    • Put the general waste in the waste bin located on road to the house and put recycled material like metal, plastic and cardboard next to the wood storage in separate bags     
    • Most importantly, leave the key in the same lock box as you got the key 

Placement of outside furniture 

Placement of outside fireplace 

Leave sorted waste (glas, metal, plastic) in separate bags here. General waste should be put in the waste bin by the road